Handmade. From scratch. Just tastes better.

Here’s the thing about good food. When you want something delicious, you use quality ingredients.

That’s why Wheatberries Bakery is committed to using the finest ingredients. Organic flour. Real butter. Belgian chocolate. Fair trade organic coffee locally roasted for  maximum freshness.

And that’s why we bake from scratch  and serve authentic handmade foods.

It’s about inspired taste and giving you the food experience you deserve.

We do it because it’s the right thing to do. And our customers love it, because doing the right thing happens to taste great!

Take our word for it. Or ask our regulars. You’ll notice the difference.

Welcome to Wheatberries Bakery, the home of healthy scratch-made baked goods, light meals… and rich organic coffee. A place where you can curl up with a book, tap away on your laptop, get caught up in friendly conversation … and thrill your taste buds. The place to go when you want to bring home fresh-baked breads and desserts just as good as Mom makes.

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To call:   Gibsons 604-886-9155  Sechelt: Davis Bay 604-885-9150  and  Sechelt Hospital 604-741-0553.